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SKIN HUNGER: Guide to the Language of Touch Book Release

Skin Hunger: Guide to the Language of Touch Book is ready to purchase

Do you want to build emotional resiliency to stay joyful in any circumstances? Then keep reading. Mariana M. Brosnan combines her global travel experience, background in psychology and heralded research studies to create this guidebook.

* Prepare for conception and pregnancy

*Give welcoming, loving touch from newborn to old age

*Recover from neglectful, dysfunctional and abusive touch

*Tools to quickly implement giving and receiving acceptance

*Apply positive touch to bring health, happiness, well-being and wealth

And much more! There is a link from affirming touch to a more disease-resistant body, lowering of physical pain, self-acceptance, spiritual health and increased love in relationships.

This guide shows the energizing mind-body connection of positive touch and identify steps to build a meaningful life, satisfy your spirit and become emotionally resilient.

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