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The Story

  1. How has living in various places –  Peru, Austria, Malaysia, New Zealand affected your writing? Do you think travel helps to inspire your work?

Our family traveled. In a car, a small car with 6 people. We did not get hotels. We did stop at all the zoos. I believe as you live in many cultures you can discover the beauty of each one. 

  1. Who or what inspired you to write short stories and when did you begin writing? I began to write as a way to quietly express myself. In a busy household, there was often not a lot of time to share my thoughts. 

  2. What are books or authors that have made an impact on you? The Bible. A wrinkle in Time read to me by my 5th grade teacher, Francine Rivers

  3. Do you have a writing routine and what is your workspace like? I attempt to write on a daily basis. It is important for me to spill my guts about my life and clear the debris in order to write about the current projects. I often hear new ideas as I wake up and I keep paper and pen to draw and write criptig notes by my bed. 

  4. Can you share something about the book, or about you, that readers won’t know. I started writing this book as a project as I was traveling around the world.

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